tiny hats / des petits bonnets

Friday, April 10, 2009

Our friends in the South of France had a little girl last weekend. Unfortunately, she arrived far too soon - 28 weeks of gestation. So far, little A is doing well and her mother is recovering. I always feel helpless in these situations and I want to do something to help. If we lived in America I would bake A's father lots of casseroles, but that isn't done here and anyway they live very far away. But there is one thing I can do:

Nos amis dans le sud de la France ont eu une petite fille le week-end dernier. Malheureusement, elle est arrivée beaucoup trop tôt – à 28 SA. Jusqu’à maintenant, la petite A va bien et sa maman récupère. Je me sens toujours impuissante dans ce genre de situations et je veux faire quelque chose pour aider. Si on habitait aux Etats-Unis, je cuisinerais quelques dîners préparés en avance pour le papa, mais on ne fait pas ça ici et de plus ils habitent loin de nous. Mais, il y a quelque chose que je peux faire :

tiny hats

The patterns come from here and here. I just used some yarn in my stash. To give you a sense of scale, the largest hat in the middle has a circumference of 11 inches.

Les patrons viennent d’ici et d’ici. J’ai trouvé les laines dans mes laines de réserve. Pour donner une idée à l’échelle, le bonnet le plus grand au milieu a une circonférence de 28 cm.

I hope these little hats will help keep A warm and will remind her parents that their friends are thinking of them from far away.

J'espère que ces petits bonnets aideront à tenir chaud la petite A et rappelleront à ses parents que leurs amis pensent très fort à eux de loin.


Martha said...

Your hats are lovely, as are all of your projects!!! We have a friend in common (Renee) who directed me to your blog because I am a crocheter/knitter as well!

cara said...

Oh how adorable!! And I love the colors. But how freaked out would I be to have a baby whose head fit in them. I hope all continues to go well with little A and her family.

La Rêveuse said...

Beautifully done, as usual, Vivi, and a perfect gift for the situation.

My cousin's son was born at about the same gestation (1 lb. 10 oz. at birth), and he is a healthy 8 year old today. Wishing them all the best. (BTW, my favorite pic from then was a photo of him with paper bunny ears and a cotton ball taped to his diaper. It was Halloween and the nurses thought he needed a costume.)

elodie tricote said...

tes bonnets sont mignons tout plein ;-) j'arrive ici par le blog de marimi, je me permets de te dire que j'ai monté une association en France (bien sûr) qui tricote bénévolement pour les prématurés. si on peut faire quelque chose il ne faut pas hésiter à nous le dire.amicalement ;-)

Ana Salomé said...

I love the hats and think the idea of giving warmth & love is the best gift :)

Marimi said...

quel beau geste, j'espère que le bébé et la maman seront très vite en pleine forme.
quand est il de ton petit french fry? il doit avoir déjà bien grandit

Le Blog d'Annie said...

Ils sont superbes ces petits bonnets et quelle délicate attention tu as eu me permet tu d'en copier pour l'hiver pour mes poupons BIZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Mickle in NZ said...

(I discovered your blogs thanks to Antipo - we were at high school together. I've been reading your posts for many months)

What an excellent and loving idea. The wee lass will need such tiny hats.

here is NZ there are currently 2 knitting campaigns for babies - one that is not so well known is to provide hospitals with plenty of the tiny clothes needed for prem babies like wee A (the second is to provide knitted clothing for all babies to take with them as they go home)

Your hats for little A are so pretty.

With care, now back to my own knitting*, Michelle in Wellington

* Working on a scarf in a fine-ish bamboo for my sister's partner for hgis birthday in July, only they'll be here at beg of June so flat out. Then will work on some clothes for prem babies in a fine marino yarn - happy knitting!)