quilt update / nouvelles du patchwork

Thursday, June 18, 2009


I've actually had this done for a couple of weeks now, but I've been so busy this week that I haven't had time to take a picture! In case you're wondering, yes, this is the right side; the idea is to let the edges fray, which will make an interesting texture (and should be fun for my son to play with, if I ever get it finished!).

En fait, c’était fini depuis deux semaines déjà, mais j’étais si occupé cette semaine que je n’avais pas le temps de prend une photo ! Et si vous vous demandez, oui, voici le coté droit ; l’idée est de laisser les bouts se détériorer, ce qui va créer une texture intéressante (et doit être amusant pour mon fils, si jamais je le fini !).

It came out quite smaller than I expected, so my next task will be to cut out some more squares and make a large border. Then I'll have to find something for the back. Since my goal is to only use things in the house, I'm thinking either an old sheet or some of Stéphane's old t-shirts that need to be recycled anyway. I'm hoping to have this finished in the next couple of weeks so we can start using it right away!

C’était plus petit que ce que j’attendais, donc mon prochain travail sera de couper plus de carrés pour faire une grande bordure. Après il faut que je trouve quelque chose pour l’arrière. Comme mon but est d’utiliser seulement les choses déjà dans la maison, je pense à un vieux drapeau ou à des vieux t-shirts de Stéphane qui sont prêts d’être recyclés. J’espère le finir dans les prochaines semaines afin qu’il puisse nous servir tout de suite !


Ms Mac said...

It's fab, Vivi! Brilliant idea too. I have old jeans I'm keeping for particular reason- if I had a machine, I could do the same thing.

Marimi said...

this is a lovely project, closer to the tradition of quilting, recycling tiny left-overs, i really love the idea
have a nice day

Mickle in NZ said...

It's looking great.

Laying out the pieces, then putiung them into numbered piles is just what my Mum does - the dear Lady is an obsessed and experienced quilter.

Lovely idea too!

marie*jolie said...

My sewing machine is now dead (sigh) and so I fill all of my free time with knitting instead of adding little spots of sewing and quilting. I miss it a little. One day soon I hope to buy a new machine, but for the moment my savings is paying for a trip to Paris next month. Trip to Paris vs. new sewing machine... Definitely Paris!

Lisa Leggett said...

Hi There~
I wandered into your blog today (from futuregirl craft) and I have to tell you I LOVE your denim quilt! I've been saving jeans in a bag in my craft closet for a few years and seeing your beautiful quilt has strengthened my resolve, yes! I'm going to do it!
Thank you for the inspiration!!
Have a beautiful day!
I hope Lil Baby A is doing well, growing and thriving more each day!